Maynard Johns Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, Devon

The spreadsheets first submitted to me by Sonic Industries were some of the best examples I had ever seen produced by a customer. The spreadsheets which have been produced for customers could be used as a substitute for software packages which tend to be more expensive and more complicated than some people need.

Ideal for newly self employed or business owners who which to change from manual record-keeping but do not want the extra expense of purchase and staff training which may be needed.
Edward Johns FMAAT, Director – www.maynardjohns.co.uk

Global Gastronorm Catering consultancy, worldwide

I run an international catering consultancy, my work takes me all over the world. Sonic spreadsheets have proven to be an invaluable tool for keeping track of my income and expenditure and let me concentrate my efforts on what is important; running my business.
Yuseph Islam, Devon

Arabian Nights Perfumes and exotic frangrances, UK

When I first set up in business i was keeping all my receipts etc. with a note book for sales. As the business started to take off and do well in it’s first year I realised that my paper system was not good enough but i didn’t want to shell out for expensive software package that was far more complicated than more complicated than what I needed for my business.

Then a friend put me onto Sonic Industries, i found the system to be very simple to use and keep track of everything quickly and easily. No more late nights with black coffee, paper work books and a calculator come the end of the year anymore, phew!
Rachel Cohen, Devon

Fiona Truman

Hi David

I think what you’ve done is brilliant. I know a lot of therapists who struggle with keeping their accounts and wondered if it might be useful for them. However,  many of them are part-time so I think probably it’s more suited to full time business people but I think it’s wonderful that you’re sharing this and helping so many people who are good at what they do but not necessarily at keeping the proper records.

Regards, Fiona

The Munro Inn, Strathyre

I purchased some accounting software from Sonic Industries and found it very well priced, easy to use and the after sales support was excellent.
Toni Waterman, Strathyre – www.munro-inn.com

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