Spreadsheet Giveaway

Yes you have found it! now only £9.99

An incredible price for an accounting system,
you can use for a lifetime!

Fully re-built for 2012
now includes the following new features…

  • Accounts receivable with running totals
  • Credit Suppliers tracker section with links to accounts payable
  • Accounts payable auto-fed from a new ‘credit suppliers’ section
  • Staff wages tools reformatted for 2012
  • Microsoft EXCEL version
  • Open Office version
  • Numbers (apple mac) version
  • And lots more!!!

A spreadsheet based accounting system perfect for small to medium sized businesses of up to 20 employees. Backed by a 100% Money back guarantee!
That’s right, if for any reason you are not completely 100% satisfied with the product just send me an email and I will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

The system is designed by a business owner for a business owner, it comes with full instructions and has been designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible.

I have been building bespoke spreadsheets from since 2003, when I first set up in business I couldn’t find a program to run my accounts that did everything I needed, SAGE was waaaaay too complicated so I resolved to build my own using EXCEL.

     What you can download today is the latest version, an evolution of many years development, initially the system was bespoke and designed solely for my own use, then a couple of people saw what I was doing and very very impressed and asked if they could get a copy for their business.

 The idea grew from there and I decided to create another version, designed to be as easy as possible to use that ‘I wish has been available to me when I first started up in business’  I decided to give it away for just £9.99 because when you are starting up in business you need all the breaks that you can get!