Thoughts of a hopeless romantic

This poem is the one I was referring to in my introduction,
it was the first thing I ever wrote
and is still today one of my favourites



Love means something different to each and every one of us,


To some it’s the most wonderful, powerful thing in the world,

And yet to others it can be the source of such incredible pain,


You must experience both to treat it with the significance it deserves


But when you find that person, who for you makes sense of all of those love songs,

That special person you feel a deep spiritual connection with…

You’ll transcend the physical,


To a place where you can hear music in the sunrise & sense sweet perfumes in the air

When you find yourself there, cherish it, fight for it, live for it and die for it!


For this life is far to short, you have only one chance to make it count,

So when all is said and done you may greet the reaper with a smile…

Safe in the knowledge that you have felt and experienced something he never will.


True love, so pure and so, so precious…