Internet Jilt

I dabbled with an internet dating site many years ago,
but didn’t actually get to meet the girl in the pictures,
was she real? was she a fraud?

I still don’t know…

But I know the depth of emotion that welled up inside of me was real enough,
yet as time has passed I have come to realise that perhaps what I fell in love with
was not the girl in the photographs and the voice at the end of the telephone,
but what I feel in love with…            was my own imagination…

I sit alone and contemplate my place in the universe

My size when compared to that of the earth and the heavens

Is there a grand scheme? Am I in control? Or do I walk a chosen path?

Where do I fit in?

When and where, again and again

So many questions possess my thoughts

 So where do I fit in?

Through e-mail and messenger, phone calls and text

We invented a realm, a perfect world

Without deceit or danger, without the pain of the past to taint the future

Did it happen too fast? Did it come too soon?

Are we both ready for true love to consume?

I know my thoughts are pure, but are they true

They will only be granted substance if my life mate is truly you

But this world is not real, it is a digital wonder

An ethereal world, created in each others imaginations

So where do we fit in?

Were we meant to be together? Or just to touch each other’s lives

Can we make our fantasies come true? And see the impossible dream realised?

Destiny or fate, whichever words you choose

You must have strength and wisdom to see the light through the dark

If you follow you heart you cannot lose

Wield the power of faith and it will destroy the pain

Life has offered you a chance, not a confinement and a chain

Rare indeed is a man who can open his heart and bear his soul

Yet forsaking all around him in the name of love, can carry a heavy toll


When alone in the wilderness I question and wonder

Is love for me simply an idea and a fantasy?

If you can not understand what you mean to me

Then perhaps after all, we weren’t meant to be