Innocent love

This is also one of my favourite poems, to me it is indicative of the yearning of the human spirit to connect at a deeper level than simply our five senses alone can perceive…

What am I searching for? Will I ever find it?

A perfect love, a love of purity and innocence

When two hearts intertwine and dance through dreamscape

Does it exist more than my imagination?

Can it be a reality for me?

What does destiny hold?

*  *  *

Love is something we all try to chase

But it is like trying to chase a cloud


Although you may touch it, you will never keep it for your own

Love decides to engulf you, not the other way around


When it begins to touch your soul again

Those defences you built around that broken heart are worthless

And it is now that you must find the strength and the faith to allow your heart again


If you look with innocent eyes

You will see it in a smile, you will feel it in an embrace

And you will know that it is real, because your heart will tell you so


You must be careful who you give your heart to

For that well of spirit and emotions in everyone is deep, but it is not bottomless!


The more times your heart is broken, the tougher the defences become

And the harder you will fight against it when love comes around once more


But the gift of a pure heart, is the ability to love unconditionally

When given to a partner who can mirror this

You will find yourself dancing through dreamscape

And it is beautiful

Hand in hand, innocence in wonder, love in its purest form!

*     *     *

I have tasted it once, maybe twice in my lifetime,

Whatever happens in your life, you must use it to find a deeper meaning of yourself

And hold onto the faith that love will touch your life again

You must never turn your back on love.

For you will taste of a bitterness nobody of pure heart should ever have to taste…