My purpose for contacting Digital Design Studios was to explore how a website could be developed to capture contacts for my business. We considered several options during our initial discussions while identifying our objective and the outcome we wanted to achieve.
The constructive ideas presented by David, the Creative Director, exemplified his experience which enabled me to hand everything over to Digital Design Studios to get-on-with.
David formulated all the information and designed the layout, submitting various drafts for review and approval. Attention to detail in the presentation & design through to liasing with external web hosting companies where multiple pages had to be linked, demonstrated the professionalism of David.
Work progressed in a systematic and coherent manner with minimal interruptions and delays, due mainly to, forward planning and an understanding of our initial objectives by Digital Design Studios. I would have no hesitation referring the Digital Design Studios team to undertake any work that they are qualified to do.
Wayne James Said, Lifestyle Business Developer. London – :